DroneMobile (LTE) LTE Smartphone Control + Tracking Module

DroneMobile (LTE) LTE Smartphone Control + Tracking Module

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X1MAX-LTE Drone X1 Max Telematics + GPS & Security

Add DroneMobile smartphone control and GPS tracking to a compatible remote start and security system. Built-in backup battery for added security. Powered by AT&T LTE for industry-leading coverage and reliability. For U.S. customers only. Free 30-Day Premium Trial included
The Drone X1-MAX not only adds unlimited range smartphone control and GPS tracking to your vehicle, but it also protects your vehicle's security and health. The X1-MAX Module has a built-in backup battery and security sensors to detect intrusion or battery tampering. In addition, the Drone X1-MAX includes an additional data harness for connecting your Drone X1-MAX

  • Smartphone Control
    Enables remote start, keyless entry & more from virtually anywhere
  • Unlimited Range
    Control & track your car from anywhere over LTE with 3G fallback
  • Built-in Backup Battery
    On-board lithium-ion battery that triggers alert when main battery is cut off
  • On-Board Security Sensors
    Built-in security sensors that detect shock, tilt, glass-break, and towing
  • Security Monitoring
    DroneMobile sends you a security alert if intrusion or hit-and-run occurs
  • Works with Your Vehicle
    Compatible with over 90% of vehicles on the road
  • GPS Tracking
    Locate your vehicle using DroneMobile Maps
  • Curfew Alerts
    Monitor after-hours driving
  • History Log
    Review past activity/alerts
  • Maintenance Reminders
    Set mileage-based and date-based service reminders
  • Points of Interest
    Receive alerts when exiting/entering an area
  • Push Notifications
    Receive alerts via smartphone
  • What's in the Box:
  • X1MAX-LTE Module
    AT&T LTE Module w/ Built-in Backup Battery
  • Data Harness
    Connects to Aftermarket Remote Start/Security System
  • 30-Day Premium Trial
  • Smartphone Control + GPS Tracking + Alarm Alerts + much more

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